All About me

Well hey there! I'm Helen, a Senior Lead Consultant from a town called Hendersonville, sweetly nestled in the mountains of western North Carolina. I'm a mom of two pretty little girls, married 13 years, I work part-time at a winery teaching folks about delicious wines, and the crazy PTO president at my girls' school, but Jamberry is my MOST fun job.
I joined Jamberry in March of 2012 and have been enjoying my business ever since. My Jamberry Nails business has provided our family with a financial boost, which in turn has allowed me to work just part-time at a job I enjoy rather than a stressful office job like I used to. I have "Mommy Money" that I use to indulge, on occasion, on things I would typically feel guilty for even considering. My schedule is flexible - I schedule what I want at will: appointments, fun outings, volunteering in the community, and then I work around them. My priorities are clear and it's so much easier to put them first now. Jamberry has really exposed me to some amazing, talented women over the last three years and I'm so thankful to be able to call them friends. My sponsor, Amy, is so supportive and involved and always there to cheer me on. She sets a great example for me as an Elite Executive, and shows me that even the loftiest dreams are achievable. In addition to fun, money, friends, and personal growth, Jamberry is the best "boss" a girl could ask for. I get to work when I want, get paid handsomely for it, receive bonuses and thank you gifts, and best of all, what I call "work" is actually play. I really can't ask for much more.
I am happy to help you with any needs you might have, be it questions about the business, nail care tips, or personal styling. I so look forward to chatting with you!
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